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What’s the Best Way to a Healthier You?
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Discover the simplest way to keep track of the food you eat, its nutritional value, activities you do and your biometrics! How does ZoeFit.ai do it? ZoeFit.ai isn’t just an app, it’s much smarter. ZoeFit.ai listens and learns every time you use it. ZoeFit.ai makes it easy for you to live a healthier lifestyle.

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The More You Use ZoeFit.ai, the More It Knows You

Talk to ZoeFit like you talk to a friend. ZoeFit is designed to be smart, just to make your experience simple and easy. ZoeFit learns your preferences, understands your health profile and goals, and keeps track of everything, so you can be healthy.


Talk to ZoeFit.ai

Just like talking to another person. No more manual typing, just tell ZoeFit what you eat, activities you do and your trackers. ZoeFit is so much faster and more natural.

Nutritional Information & Macronutrient

ZoeFit.ai tracks your macronutrients based on what you ate. Just tap the nutrition tab and see your macronutrient levels and if you’ve exceeded daily values, just tap again to see exactly what foods put you over the limit.

Biometric Trackers

Tell ZoeFit.ai how much sleep you got, water you drank, your blood pressure, and glucose levels. ZoeFit logs it and shares a realtime trending chart.

Fitbit Integrated & Tracking Exercise

Activity tracking through Fitbit is automatic with ZoeFit.ai. Just sync your device and your activity will come through to ZoeFit. Are you doing other exercises? Just tell ZoeFit and tap the Exercise tab to see the additional calories burned.

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FAQ's | Frequenty asked questions.

Yes, for all users
No, Currently only available on iPhone 5,6 and 7 running iOS 9 or greater.
Yes, after creating an account with FitBit, login and select the MENU in the lower right corner of the Home Page. There you will see FitBit CONNECT, click and follow the instructions.
Once you have connected your FitBit Device to ZoeFit, it important to remember that you must do a FitBit sync of your device first using the FitBit mobile app or FitBit web app. This must be done daily in-order for FitBit exercise calorie burn to properly appear in ZoeFit under the FitBit Tab!
By simply deleting the app from the Device, also see privacy statement.
Yes, after logging in click on the MENU in the lower right corner of the Home Page, there you will find tab called Feedback. By selecting it you can ask a question and or provide feedback to the developers directly. You can even attach screens shots to help support you question or comment.
Log in and select MENU, then ACCOUNT. There you can edit all your account info.
Try deleting the app from your device and reinstalling, your data will not be lost. If that doesn’t work, email SUPPORT@zoefit.ai for further help.
From the login page select FORGOT PASSWORD, you then be asked to enter your email address associated with that account, a password reset email be sent to the email address.
Two ways. First, by simply clicking on the Microphone at the bottom of any screen. The Microphone defaults to Voice input so all you have to do is TALK into your device microphone and the click on STOP LISTENING when you done speaking and the app will convert and display that text for your review. You can then select SEND and the app will analyze what you said. Second, if you don’t want to use voice to text to the app out loud you can simply start typing on the keyboard after selecting the Mic. Once you hit SEND the app will give you an immediate list of the food items and associated calories consumed for eachfood item and the amount of estimated calories burned for each exercise /activity performed.
Select the incorrect food and the App will take you to another screen called” recommendations ” There the App will expand the food item search and give you more food options to select from.
YES you can also add your own foods and or exercise/activities to ZoeFit. Select the “+” symbol at the bottom of the HOME screen. There you will see ADD FOOD and ADD EXERCISE. Select the appropriate one and follow the on screen instruction / options. To Edit Or Delete any of Your Foods simply select the food item and swipe left to get the Edit or Delete options.
Entering food items consumed, your exercise or activities performed,the amount of sleep you got that night, the amount of water you consumed, your blood pressure and daily glucose reading.
Select the MENU from the HOME page, then select GOALS, there you will see options from Easy to Difficult. Select a new GOAL and the targeted daily calorie count will automatically be updated on the HOME page.
No, the app knows what time it is and automatically enters it for you. Example, If you said “I had a chicken breast and a diet coke” and the time on your phone was 1:00 pm, the app would automatically label that meal as Mid-Day. Or for example you can simply say “for Lunch today I had a Ham Sandwich” and that the App will automatically associate that food item with Lunch.
Yes, Click on the microphone and enter food items as you would normally do, except when you go to save them select a previous date.
From the HOME Page select NUTRITION, A summary of all the specific nutrients consumed for that day will be display.
It means that either a single Food item or combination of food items has exceeded your USDA recommended daily limit. Select the red item and it will what food caused your exceed that daily limit.
To see the specific food items that caused you to exceed that limit select the summary item in RED to see the specific list. This is very help in understanding what foods are causing the most problems.
Select the MICROPHONE and tell the app what exercise or activity you performed and the duration. Example, “today I walked for 30 minutes” this would be shown as 149 calories burned and is automatically added to your daily log.
It calculated on two things, type of exercise and duration. It is not calculated based on distance or quantity.
Click on the following Links
- Privacy Policy
- End User License Agreement
In the app both can be found under the MENU tag at the bottom right of the HOME Page.